Image Crop using Flash

Image CropI have been following for a while now.

I deeply admire what as been achieved in POF and am always tryng to learn from the ones who make it.

The other day I commented one of the posts about creating a script to crop images.

As I have been tryng to work out something similar to my sites I decided to give it a try using – Image Crop – I know its an old version (Flash Player 6) and as Kebie said as a comment in the plentyoffish post it doesnt use the new ability to do this client side.

Anyway as I dont mind doing it server side I build this: image crop script example

Feel free to use it as you want. Use it, change it, sell it… whatever 🙂

zip file: download

In simple terms there are 2 folders – images and tb (thumbnails)

You choose one of the files from the images folder. It sends to flash the message and then flash sends back the coordenates of your crop.

The crop is done with php.

Any doubts contact me.

Images from

P.S. – I will try to find a couple of hours to make it resize.


I found and am using resize before upload it does what it says using flash. There is still a minor bug with transparent images and the image formats are limited but I think it’s well worth it.

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Thank you for this. Your hard work is appreciated. This tool is excellent I suggest you keep working on it and refine it. Excellent work and many thanks 🙂

This is excellent work.
Is there in any free tool which is capable of doing resizing in client side and upload to server. Please help. I am wandering in net for a long time.

Olá Hugo,

Parabéns este crop ficou muito bom, só uma duvida, eu baixei
o exemplo e subi para o servidor para fazer um teste beleza
fiz o crop ´so que ao salvar não foi para a página “Done2.php” que
mostra a imagem final já recortada, será que tem que fazer configurações
ou este exemplo já tem que funcionar como esta?

Responda quando você puder OK!


Viva Claudio,
A única razão que vejo para ele não ir para o done2.php é necessitar o full path no imageCrop.php
“header(‘Location: ./done2.php’);”

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