Change dropdown align to right

The dropdown sub menus for by default align left.

If you need to change it to align right, go into style.css “# Menus” and change the following lines:

.main-navigation ul li:hover > ul,
.main-navigation ul li.focus > ul {
left: auto;
right: 0%;

.main-navigation ul ul li:hover > ul,
.main-navigation ul ul li.focus > ul {
right: 100%;

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Adding Placeholder attribute to Tokeninput jQuery plugin

I was having a hard time to get the placeholder attribute to work with Tokeninput jQuery plugin.

First I managed to get it to show up by adding attr(‘placeholder’) to the onReady:
onReady: function(){ $('#token-input-myInput').attr('placeholder','type here...'); }

It worked but every time it lost focus the resize of the input field would partially hide it. So, I tweaked with the code inside jquery.tokeninput.js and after line 436 (declaration of var escaped) added:
escaped = input_box.attr('placeholder');

It is not pretty but it works 🙂

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The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten
“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”
Image stolen from MG Siegler

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Kevin Rose’s Tiny Blog Idea

I like Kevin Rose‘s idea. I share the feeling that something is missing.

Sometime ago, I had this idea that I could start a project/startup all live via Google Hangouts and screencast. Every moment I was working on that project I would open Hangouts and share my thinking process, contacts, discussions, coding, etc. This would obviously be stored on YouTube and the user could go back and/or know every day what I was working on and why each feature was the way it was.

It is not the same idea but I believe that behind both ideas lives the same feeling/frustration. Sharing not only the end result (text, photo, code, feature) but also the feeling/process.

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Why you should NOT use GoDaddy has your hosting provider

GoDaddy is a great place to register domains. PERIOD

I have been running a dedicated server little over one month we can report 3 occasions of downtime. And many other issues when the server simply is acting erratic.

On a situation, I waited (over the weekend) 36 hours for a ticket reply.

Last week during a business meeting it stopped working, I went to the status report page of GoDaddy and it said that dedicated servers were with problems. Took them 5 hours to solve.

Today I started getting errors from crons running and I can’t ping (unknown host) from the server and Just-ping results ok all over.

It is sunday (I work everyday, contrary to GoDaddy support). The chat support for dedicated servers is has good as not being there. Hours waiting and no answer. And that power cycle message that I just started and that can make the server go down for 30-60 minutes (again).

Went to the status page, all good. Then, went to dedicated server control panel:

GoDaddy status vs reality

I think this picture illustrate the question.

If I didn’t have so much on my to-do list. I would change it today. But I have deadlines and things already planned. The only thing I know is that I will move out of GoDaddy.