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Adding Placeholder attribute to Tokeninput jQuery plugin

I was having a hard time to get the placeholder attribute to work with Tokeninput jQuery plugin.

First I managed to get it to show up by adding attr(‘placeholder’) to the onReady:
onReady: function(){ $('#token-input-myInput').attr('placeholder','type here...'); }

It worked but every time it lost focus the resize of the input field would partially hide it. So, I tweaked with the code inside jquery.tokeninput.js and after line 436 (declaration of var escaped) added:
escaped = input_box.attr('placeholder');

It is not pretty but it works 🙂

List of ips to allow on your server and avoid CSF block

I use to get a notification when my site goes down.

I noticed that I was getting notifications even when the site was up and guessed it was CSF ( ConfigServer Security & Firewall) that was blocking the frequent ping from

So, I searched and found a list of IPs that should be white listed. I had to clean that blog post to be able to add it to the list of Allowed IPs.

Here you have the  clean list so you can go to you WHM->Plugins->ConfigServer Security & Firewall->Firewall Allow IPs and add one IP per line

Link schemes, Google Rankings and RapGenius

There we have it! As expected, RapGenius was penalized!

A few days ago RapGenius was exposed for asking users to make links to help them improve their rankings. This is a direct violation of Google’s Guidelines.

Because RapGenius was doing such an amazing work with their site, I thought that maybe Google would just give them a slap on the wrist and reach a closed door agreement. RapGenius is without a doubt the only true innovator in the Lyrics websites vertical. So, I was wondering.

Wonder if google will penalize RapGenius

Next day, RapGenius founders sent out an open letter clamming that other competitors were doing far worse.

Today, RapGenius was officially penalised and gone from Google’s search results. With this penalty, I would guess that RapGenius must be losing over 75% of their traffic.

Is Google making an example out of them? Maybe yes, maybe no but anyway that this be a lesson to all of you. Do not ask for links, swap links, participate in other link schemes or you can feel Google’s wrath upon you.


I tested Storify with this post and it ended up looking like this:

Pretty cool 🙂