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Flash Resize and CropAfter my last post about image resize using flash I did some research and found this:

Flash based cropping tool released (LGPL)

I tried to get it to work and saving the crop server side.

I manage to get to work pretty easy on my local server but after uploading it the php was giving me trouble.

So I stripped it down and now its working great: flash resize and crop

If you want the source: download

I found a very cool script using JavaScript that does almost the same as this one: Prototype JavaScript Image Cropper UI

About flash client side resize, no luck.

I found several Java ones and also I know that is possible to do it in flash but the methods I found were to explode the image pixel by pixel and then pass it like that into php. From what I could understand quality problems and flash player frozes on large images were the problems using that option.

Anyway. I think this was a great step foward.

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this is great Hugo!! Does anyone know if there any way to set the height and width of the crop box?

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