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The 5″ iPhone is not a myth

I first read about the 5″ iPhone and I thought to myself it was another silly rumour.

Then I started doing the math. How are the measures of my 5S: 4.87 inches (123.8 mm); the width is 2.31 inches (58.6 mm); the depth is 0.30 inches (7.6 mm); and the weight is 3.95 ounces (112 grams).

How much of that is wasted space? If the screen used 90% of that real-estate how bigger would it get? I am sure Jonyy Ive’s team has a way to make work. In reality we need the speaker, home button and the front camera. All the rest could be screen.

Then I found this post, were David Carnoy says 4.7″ is the perfect size:
Smartphones sizes comparison

If someone can take a couple of centimeters from a phone, for sure is Apple.

iPhone Sizes Comparison

When the iPhone went from 3,5″ to 4″ how much did the phone actually grew? Just in height, the width, depth and wright are pretty much the same. So, if they can remove a centimeter from the front real estate (and they can), they have a lot of room to show more display.

You can bet. If Samsung can do a 5″ SmartPhone with 126mm X 69mm X 7mmm with 130 Grams. Any Phone will be smaller, thinner, lighter and way,way better than any other on the actual market.

Dealing with hosts on Android SDK Emulator – MAC OS X 10.8

I was getting some odd bugs with responsive design on some Android phones and need to test it. After spending an afternoon at the Shopping Mall annoying the everyone to let me test every Android phone I could find I decided to install the Android SDK on my MB Air running OS X 10.8

After some tweaks I managed to set the emulador working, there is plenty of tutorial online on that I couldn’t test my dev sites because I always use hosts and your localhost on the emulator (if using MAMP with port 80 or add the port after the ip eg

So my solution was:
As I use a define so I only change one file from dev to production I have a define for my WEB_URL the only question was to change that define:

	define("WEB_URL", "");	
	define("WEB_URL", "http://myhostname/");

BONUS TIP: Giving the Emulator localhost access

When you create a Avd you need to give it a name change myAvdNameHere to the name you gave Avd and this way you have access to localhost

emulator -avd myAvdNameHere -partition-size 128

More on this Emulator localhost acceess

Note to self:

cd ~/Development/android-sdk-mac_x86/sdk/tools/
./emulator -avd phone -partition-size 128

htc magic flash perfect spl – android

androidThis christmas I offered myself an htc magic from Portuguese provider TMN.

This came with a “perfect” SPL 1.33.0014.

After a few hours searching I ended up using the goldcard method to flash it up.

I followed but with some changes.

I 1. no need to download the fastboot as it comes by default with the new sdk

II 1. I used a sandisk 1gb without a problem.

II 12. i quick formated the sd card to fat32 on my computer on this step (not sure if it was needed)

II 13. choose the “removable disk” from the bottom option and NOT the top eg:”Untitled Disk (F:)” – I almost gave up here. So simple and was my main problem.

III 1. Used “ROM v2.53.707.2 (Engineerings SPL v1.33.2010)” as you cannot downgrade spl for me this was the only option

III 29. My sdcard was causing some media error. I took it out and without it no problem. I ended up formating it using the phone and it re-started working fine.

And thats all you need to change spl.

After that I followed this tutorial (Portuguese) my recovery page looked and gave me some diferent options, but it was common sense.

Its working fine. Faster and without any errors or bugs. so far 🙂