Coco Rosie – Gallows

I never heard of this band before. But this video is one of the most amazing music videos I have ever seen.

The meaning of the song still puzzles me and the best answer I found was by DreamMasquerade @

I don’t know the circumstances, but it sounds to me like a group of some sort went to take a man to punish him with death for something (maybe he’s a criminal or they think he is, anyways). His daughters (or schizophrenic daughter) saw them taking him away and started screaming, and the people found out they were his daughters so they shot them. the talk about the tree is I think just their ghosts remaining in the trees (maybe they lived in a forest)
it makes me think of early america, perhaps salem, personally. something about cocorosie always says witchcraft XD

Video Director by: Emma Freeman