Coco Rosie – Gallows

I never heard of this band before. But this video is one of the most amazing music videos I have ever seen.

The meaning of the song still puzzles me and the best answer I found was by DreamMasquerade @

I don’t know the circumstances, but it sounds to me like a group of some sort went to take a man to punish him with death for something (maybe he’s a criminal or they think he is, anyways). His daughters (or schizophrenic daughter) saw them taking him away and started screaming, and the people found out they were his daughters so they shot them. the talk about the tree is I think just their ghosts remaining in the trees (maybe they lived in a forest)
it makes me think of early america, perhaps salem, personally. something about cocorosie always says witchcraft XD

Video Director by: Emma Freeman

By Hugo Gameiro

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dude. it’s no such thing. didn’t you notice the guy gave the girls a ring near the tree? how could they be his daughters? and he also kisses her. and nobody shot them. they took the poison themselves.

Yes… I know that description also doesn’t fit all I see in the video. But it was the only explanation of the video I found. Probably the video is just what it is and doesn’t have a meaning/history.

It’s about a man in a polyamarous relationship with these two twin sisters who love him dearly. It’s clearly some Judeo-Christian idealistic time era, and he is being sentenced to death, perhaps for taking two wives. The woman, who find out he will be sentenced to death, decide to poison themselves, at the same Willow (a sacred tree of grief) that he proposed to the two of them, just before he dies so that they may be with him in death. There is a solidarity and unbreakable love between the three of them; they have entered into a pact. When the women die, they suffer as he suffers, and therefore they all suffer together, and their spirits are with him before his death, in the wind and in the flowers, they help him to transcend. They may have been a sort of coven. The symbolism in this video is also very powerful. Look up ravens, white horses, cats, etc. Very Romeo/Juliet.

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