I miss your smell

I would say we loved each other too much.
Too much.
And I think we made the mistake
of getting it right the first time,
and that put an insane amount of
pressure on us to keep it going. And…
we buckled.
You know what I
miss most about —
well, aside from becca,of course.
I miss your smell.
-That’s it?
When you left,I couldn’t wash the sheets
because I didn’t want to lose
that completely — you.
And it fucked me up for a long time
because I would wake up and I’d smell
you and I’d thinkyou were there.
And that would — my
heart would break all over again.
I think that’s why I go
in for the kiss all the time.
I know, yeah.I think I’m going for…
another hit.
-Have you washed those sheets yet?
Oh, well, you know, I
had to throw them away.
-Oh, good.
Yeah, this hot little starbucks
barista got her periodall over them.
-You’re so fucking disgusting.
You see? Look at that. You see?
-Why do you have to say shit like that?
If I can make you laugh like
that, why can’t we be together?
That’s what I don’t understand.
-You know what? You don’t want to be with
me. You think –I know you think you do.
But if I were togive myself to
you, you would run for the hills,
’cause you’re not in love with me, hank.
You’re in love with the
idea — the idea of love.
Now, on that brave,profound note,
I’m gonna go and get some coffee.
How you can be so fucking
beautiful and so fucking wrong?
– what?
– You’re running for the hills.
Yes, you are.

By Hugo Gameiro

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