Analysis of long tail keywords for SEO with Google Analytics

After the recent Mayday update to Google SERP I decided to have a look into how much was the long tail keywords influenced by this.

Long tail keywords are normally keywords with 3 or more words. To track it down I used the following regular expression: [^\s\+]+(\s|\+)+[^\s\+]+(\s|\+)+[^\s\+]+

Steps inside Google Analytics. Traffic Sources->Search Engines->Google->Non paid

On the filter keyword [containing] I input the regular expression: [^\s\+]+(\s|\+)+[^\s\+]+(\s|\+)+[^\s\+]+

After I just tracked down the last 3 month number of visits with and without filtering the long tail and calculated the % value of the longtail.

long tail keywords/total organic = % of the value for the long tail

5 minutes and I realised that mayday update did *not* influence my sites long tail keywords.

Hope that helps and if someone knows of a simpler or more effective way to do this I would love to know.

By Hugo Gameiro

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