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Yahoo + Tumblr = Big fail

The title of this post is a direct response Yahoo + Tumblr = Big Win. Facebook + Tumblr = Bigger Win.

I respect @jason‘s experience and even share some views about tech. I am a fan of some of his work (not Mahalo) and I see him more of a media guy. From his most recent work I love TWIST and all around Launch.

I am saying all this because I do NOT fundamentally disagree with the financial side of the logic of the business. But as a Tumblr fan I don’t want Tumblr to be sold to a big corp. I am sure they are not running out of runway money and experiment services to reach profitability. The place is well run, every new feature is carefully and slowly implemented and it is my fav place to spend/waste/kill/have fun time. Tumblr is a place apart. It’s kind of underground. Is where the cool kids hang.

Tumblr superman Facebook clark kent

The above picture says it all. Facebook/Yahoo is my real professional/social side (Clark Kent). Tumblr is where I can be Superman.

I feel that any big corp. will kill that and what makes Tumblr what it is. You got Porn, next to Artists, next to Politicians, next to Trolls, next to the next door girl. Tumblr allows us to make it our home. To follow our hidden likes or display other sides of us.

But this post is not (just) a rant about this business. My point with this post is:
“What will be better for us, the world, the internet, the evolution of mankind: A great place that millions call home and spend days on and that can be improved on to become a unique online platform or a place that after tunned and tweaked will bring the masses and be worth billions more?”

By Hugo Gameiro

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