There’s no arc to my story

This tech journalist decided to go one year without internet. The post is really interesting to read.

But I get the feeling he got zero answers out of the experience, his personal problems were the same with or without the internet. But that is just my view.

I embed the video bellow and machine transcribed a passage from someone he is asking advices about life to, that made a lot of sense to me:

As far as your life, giving you advice I think I started having more success when I stopped feeling like there was a narrative to my life. I think once you let go of that idea first of you stop seeing yourself as the most important thing in your narrative you know you see yourself as more of a component I don’t have, there’s no arc to my story there’s no like climax or anticlimax or … so trying to find where things connected or what made sense in my arc didn’t really make a lot of sense but once I let go of that because that was a big thing for me in high school and college But once I let go of that I started having more success or became happier