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Tumblr F*** yeah or just F***?

Tumblr the end is near
My rant about Tumblr was my most popular post on Tumblr ever. I know how popular tech backlashing’s are but mine came from the heart. I hated the deal. Tumblr was my place.

Yesterday, I read David’s announcement and got the F*** yeah! at the end and the gif with Marissa (expected better).

For a moment I thought, ok what will really change? Why was I making such a big deal? Congrats.

After the Yahoo event (great job with the Flickr refresh) it all came back to my mind.

After a while, I thought: NO! A lot has changed. All has changed. Marissa is the boss. It’s all fine, Marissa is proving to be a great fit for Yahoo but what if the stock drops? What if Marissa decides to become a fulltime mom. Or ‘knock on wood’ she gets ill? (Miss you Steve)

Who will be there? Who will be the boss? Will David still care to fight back? Who will stop Tumblr of becoming MySpace?

So, I stand with my first gut instinct: F***, the days are numbered! (Hope I am wrong. Really, really wrong)

Final note:
Thanks @PauloGaspar7 for the tweet, it kicked me out of the laziness to write this post.

paulogaspar7 tweet reply

Reply: Can’t we all do whatever we want?!

Analog version of this post 🙂