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Why I don’t use Gmail Priority Inbox

priority inbox

This week Gmail has been rooling out a new feature called Priority Inbox.
After turning it on for 24 hours, I ended up turning it off. Why? Because I believe it clutters my inbox more than it helps.

Priority Inbox sections

The sections in wish Gmail divides Priority Inbox don’t seem to make a lot of sense.
For me:
Important and Unread = Unread
Starred = Read
Everything Else = Spam/Garbage

What is Everything Else!?

The one section I really dont like and also the one that you cannot remove (all others you can change or remove) is Everything Else.

All the emails that go to the Everything Else section can only be of 2 types:
-Spam and should be on the spam folder
-Important and should be out of this section

If I receive an email it must be important for me or else is spam/garbage.

Read Unread

All I need in my inbox are my unread messages so I can read them or the ones that I already read and need to come back.

All other messages should go to the archive, spam or trash. Isn’t that simpler than having some blue bars and emails changing place?

I simply love, adore and absolutely need Gmail

I don’t like this feature but Gmail is the only email client I can imagine myself using today. I love it, it’s my only suggestion to anyone in need of an email account and whenever my computer is on gmail is running on my browser.

BTW – making the Mark read, unread, starred, unstarred options go to a combox, not that smart also. Prettier but annoying.