OpenStack OVH Tech

CyberDuck OVH OpenStack Swift v3 Configuration

OVH disabled Keystone (OpenStack Identity Service) API v2.0 and requires all endpoints to now use v3.

Currently, the instructions to setup CyberDuck with OVH are not correct. They mention the Tenant_ID:Access_Key should be filled with Project_ID:Horizon_User_ID.

Currently CyberDuck requires Project:Domain:Username and in the case of OVH should be TENANT_NAME:default:USER

Steps to set it up on CyberDuck:

  • click the + to Add a New Bookmark
  • from the dropdown pick OpenStack Swift (Keystone 3)


Server –
Project:Domain:Username – TENANT_NAME:default:USER
Path (under More Options): v3.0

Obviously replace TENANT_NAME, USER and USER_PASSWORD with your values.

Note: ‘default’ is the default domain and if not changed it should work.