Random connectivity problems with Apple Magic Mouse

I had random connectivity problems with Magic Mouse. The problem was present both with the old Magic Mouse and the new Magic Mouse 2.

After trying all sorts of solutions that I found online, nothing worked but I found several mentions of interference with WIFI 2.4GHz. It didn’t make much sense in my head since Magic Mouse uses Bluetooth but in fact changing to a network using WIFI 5GHz solved the problem.

To check the WIFI details on MacOS press alt/option while you click the WIFI icon on the Menu Bar.


Page up and Page Down Mac OSX

Page Up Page Down KeysIf you don’t have a full keyboard you can do:

Page DownSpace Bar / fn+Down Arrow

Page UpShift+Space Bar / fn+Up Arrow

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Internet speed of the iPhone 4S vs 5S

test internet speed iphone 4s vs 5s

Did some testing on the internet speed of the iPhone 4S vs 5S.
The Wifi even over N is much faster and 4G is better than Wifi N (but that must be my ISP)

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Dealing with hosts on Android SDK Emulator – MAC OS X 10.8

I was getting some odd bugs with responsive design on some Android phones and need to test it. After spending an afternoon at the Shopping Mall annoying the everyone to let me test every Android phone I could find I decided to install the Android SDK on my MB Air running OS X 10.8

After some tweaks I managed to set the emulador working, there is plenty of tutorial online on that I couldn’t test my dev sites because I always use hosts and your localhost on the emulator (if using MAMP with port 80 or add the port after the ip eg

So my solution was:
As I use a define so I only change one file from dev to production I have a define for my WEB_URL the only question was to change that define:

	define("WEB_URL", "");	
	define("WEB_URL", "http://myhostname/");

BONUS TIP: Giving the Emulator localhost access

When you create a Avd you need to give it a name change myAvdNameHere to the name you gave Avd and this way you have access to localhost

emulator -avd myAvdNameHere -partition-size 128

More on this Emulator localhost acceess

Note to self:

cd ~/Development/android-sdk-mac_x86/sdk/tools/
./emulator -avd phone -partition-size 128

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Delete files from Mac OSX desktop

Sometimes I get this bug that some odd files will show up on my Mac OSX Desktop and that no matter what I can’t delete.

I solve it by:
1-Open Activity Monitor (Applications->Utilities)
2-Search for Finder (Process Name Column)
3-Click it and Press Force Quit

If Finder doesn’t restart on it’s own, click the icon or restart.

Hope it helps