Livro de horas – Miguel Torga

Aqui, diante de mim,
eu, pecador, me confesso
de ser assim como sou.
Me confesso o bom e o mau
que vão ao leme da nau
nesta deriva em que vou.

Me confesso
das virtudes teologais,
que são três,e dos pecados mortais,
que são sete,
quando a terra não repete
que são mais.

Me confesso
o dono das minhas horas.
O das facadas cegas e raivosas
e o das ternuras lúcidas e mansas.
E de ser de qualquer modo andanças
do mesmo todo.

Me confesso de ser charco
e luar de charco, à mistura.
De ser a corda do arco
que atira setas acima
e abaixo da minha altura.

Me confesso de ser tudo
que possa nascer em mim.
De ter raízes no chão
desta minha condição.
Me confesso de Abel e de Caim.

Me confesso de ser homem.
De ser um anjo caído
do tal céu que Deus governa;
de ser um monstro saído
do buraco mais fundo da caverna.

Me confesso de ser eu.
Eu, tal e qual como vim
para dizer que sou eu
aqui, diante de mim!

Yoko Ono – Will I

Touch, love, you
Touch, love, you

Will I miss the sky?
Will I miss the clouds?
Will I miss the ocean?
Will I miss the bay?

Will I miss the sunrise?
Will I miss the moon?
Will I miss the mountains?
Will I miss the trees?

Will I miss the city lights?
Will I miss the snow?
Will I miss the laughter?
Will I miss the jokes?

Will I miss touch?
Will I miss love?
Will I miss you?
Will I? Will I?

Will I? Will I?
Will I? Will I?
Will I?
Will I?

Another example of why you should never use WordPress as an MVC for a major site

Zootool is a cool visual bookmarking site.

Zootool homepage

They have been fairly sucessful:

They posted on on the 17th that they have been hacked.

The site is still down for registration and not sure how useful it is at the moment:

zootool hacked message

Eight days down, and still counting, is not acceptable. Not for a professional website.

WordPress both .com and .org are amazing MVC for blogging. Period. Nothing else. If you want to write a magazine, post content or solely blog. You can’t go wrong using Worpress. If you want to build a tool or a web app. Forget it! Not the way to do it! Anyone that tells you otherwise, they don’t know what they are talking about.

The 5″ iPhone is not a myth

I first read about the 5″ iPhone and I thought to myself it was another silly rumour.

Then I started doing the math. How are the measures of my 5S: 4.87 inches (123.8 mm); the width is 2.31 inches (58.6 mm); the depth is 0.30 inches (7.6 mm); and the weight is 3.95 ounces (112 grams).

How much of that is wasted space? If the screen used 90% of that real-estate how bigger would it get? I am sure Jonyy Ive’s team has a way to make work. In reality we need the speaker, home button and the front camera. All the rest could be screen.

Then I found this post, were David Carnoy says 4.7″ is the perfect size:
Smartphones sizes comparison

If someone can take a couple of centimeters from a phone, for sure is Apple.

iPhone Sizes Comparison

When the iPhone went from 3,5″ to 4″ how much did the phone actually grew? Just in height, the width, depth and wright are pretty much the same. So, if they can remove a centimeter from the front real estate (and they can), they have a lot of room to show more display.

You can bet. If Samsung can do a 5″ SmartPhone with 126mm X 69mm X 7mmm with 130 Grams. Any Phone will be smaller, thinner, lighter and way,way better than any other on the actual market.

Hootin’-Annie Yum-Yum

Another great momment from Alan Harper. Two and a Half Men, Season 2, Episode 8, ‘Frankenstein and the Horny Villagers’.

“Charlie, I have never had sex like this before in my *life*! In fact, I-I-I don’t think anything I had prior to this can even be called “sex”. Because if we call that “sex”, we need a new name for this. My suggestion would be, ‘Hootin’-Annie Yum-Yum’.”