Would I go on a date with you?

Today I got the following flowchart from OkCupid and as I am sure there are loads of girls dieing to ask me out but are afraid of me turning them down I decided to share it 😛

click to view full size
click to view full size

Its not all that complex and there is loads more to the equation but it is pretty smart for the little information I gave them.

Most of all it is really cool and the loads of trends and stats OkCupid have been sharing are getting loads of hype.

I did this post mostly because I think OkCupid is the dating site to keep an eye on and to use (shame it is only in English). The design is great, the usability is good and its free.

Compared to the other free options and the actual number one plentyoffish I would choose OkCupid without looking back. Plentyoffish design reminds me GeoCities (RIP) and it feels like a market, not a fun place where you can find someone that you would like to meet.

But things are looking up for OkCupid:

If I were Markus Frind I would be getting worried.

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