What it’s like to live on the streets?

I always had this curiosity about people that live on the streets. How they live like? What do they think? How they ended up living there? all sorts cross my mind…

We may judge them for being drunks or whatever and some of them are but not all and in the end of the day they are people like you and me that somehow made choices and ended up there.

Today I came across invisiblepeople.tv. A place where Mark Horvath shares his video interviews with homeless people.

You can find many interesting interviews and get to listen and know more about people that you would normally not speak with.

I found the next couple interesting because when asked what would they want if they could have 3 wishes, none of them mentioned money. More, the girl even says she would like to be successful but not money wise.

OK… I know one could say they are deluded or whatever. But is just curious.

If you want to follow this project subscribe to the InvisiblePeopleTV YouTube Channel.

This also reminds me of the Interview Project by David Lynch that is somewhat related to this and that I also like very much. This last one is more artistical and a bit dark.

4 thoughts on “What it’s like to live on the streets?

  1. well…anonimity and governmental invisibility does have its benefits…pretty much sure the taxman does not come after you…adn who are we to judge standards of living? who is crazy? live day-by-day on the edge or working 50 years obeying to the socila patterns in order to get a crap pension you will not have time or health enough to enjoy it?

    makes you wonder…

  2. what does style matter when the stomach rumbles?
    easy? social norm?
    all that comes to my mid is wild fruit trees, stick and stones, rabbits and eggs…
    if you are smart enough to use your thumb and a bit of “desenrascanço” (no english word yet…) one could enjoy much more life on its terms instead of lingering in the struggle of society – the westernized world has become brutal and careless, when the royal stomach rumbles, all have to pay – tja…no choice – the institutional screen of public services says—I thkink they believe I can play the accordeon, too.

    give me wilderness and a hut – well, I take it.

    I actually saw this documentary about French freebees – you could live for free, get pai to eat, get paid to go to the doctor, get paid to use last fashion clothing, get paid for getting he latest do in hairstyling, get paid to take a computer home, get paid to watch movies – ah…and get a pension check of us all through the government….

    clever shait, huh?

    and that is in France…now imagine the Portugal Zé finds that out – soon enough we would all “live” on the streets – well, actually not – we would occupy the flat but not paying rent and shoot the Smoking Man as soon as he step out of the collecting van.

    tja – social patterns…save the morality, because the banks are broken

    I wonder what Chuck Norris would do…? …count to infinity … twice

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