To my only hero

Steve JobsI am not one who admires people. I admire moments, situations, actions, but in general I never got that fan thing, that so many people talk about.

But there is one person that I looked up to and that I could call my hero, Steve Jobs.

He was a show man, a master of technology, a design expert, a wise perfectionist, in sum a genius.

It will be hard to find that combination on a single person again.

The news of his death leave me sad and worried that technology will be lacking from here on. Who will be the one to set new expectations? Who will define new paths? Who will be the voice leading Apple? Who will tech industry look up to, now?

None of the alternatives out there look that promising when compared to Steve.

No matter what, just this quick note to express my gratitude to have been so privileged to share this world with you and be inspired by what you have done.

Meet you soon 🙂



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