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Open Reply to Bing Webmaster Tools Survey

Bing Team,

I got your email requesting for me to help you improve Bing Webmaster Tools by taking a moment and tell you about my experience.

I tried to follow your instructions and help you with my humble opinion.

Why didn’t I finish?! Well, I did it almost half the way (+/- 10 minutes) but then I got stuck in the question “Which country do you live in”. None of the given answers had Portugal in it and I had no way to move past it without lying. As I didnt want to lie I stopped.

About the survey, I am not an expert on that kind of things but I am sure that there is a much better and valuable way to do it. I explain.

I will start by sayng that making all questions mandatory is just the wrong way to do things when you are asking for “help”.

Some of your questions:
How often do you (or others at your company) sign into the Bing Webmaster Tools?
No need to ask, just track it with your analytics

Which of the following Google Webmaster tools do you use most often?
Don’t be so specific. Why would I want to tell you about my Business with Google.

Next please evaluate some specific characteristics of Google using a scale of 9 to 1
Again!!! Stop obsessing with Google. Focus on what you are doing

What range of revenue do you earn each month from your use of third-party content ads?
Revealing that is not something I would like to do while “helping” you. I need to choose from one of the pre filled options and there is no way to move past it.
This is plain wrong and more so when I only had chosen Adsense on the previous question about who provided ads for my website(s).

Which search engines does your organization or the organizations you represent pay for search advertising?
Why would I tell you that? That is one of the things most companies hide.

OK… But to help you I am going to give you my general feeling about Bing/MSN.

I own, manage and develop a few websites. Most of them are not targeted to an english speaking audience. I am looking into the stats of one of them (Portuguese) and most of its traffic is organic. Last 30 days the site had 1.379.686 page views. From all the organic traffic Bing sent 1% (14.603 page views).

This happens to all the non english websites I run. Only the english ones have around 10% of organic that comes from Bing (that is +/- your market share and thats what I expected for all my websites).

So… or all the other search engines are doing things wrong or you are.

In sum:
The problem that I as a webmaster have with Bing (Webmaster Tools and over all Search Engine) is that it doesnt bring me a relevant traffic volume. And its even pointless to go into Bing webmaster tools when I am working with websites that are not aimed for the an English speaking audience.

I would sugest that you get the international versions working properly and work for more search engine market share.

I believe that is really all you need. All the rest is just fine.

All the best,
Hugo Gameiro