After today only approved App Store websites will be accessible in Safari

safari access app store approved sitesThere is no doubt that the freedom of the internet is one of the most valuable things of our time. Without it our evolution would have taken a totally different turn (for the better?! Doubt it) and the ability to have anything one wants accessible to the world is amazing.

If I want today I can create a blog/site/profile about my pubic hair and I would not be “legally” convicted because of that.

I am talking about this because I am not the biggest supported of the open web and because I read this issue of Apple blocking something on an app, the usual.

Funny thing is I agree with a big part of what Apple is doing blocking things and apps out of its App Store. Not all of them but most of them make sense to me.

So, and the point of my post is, should web also have someone implementing strick rules? Should someone block sites (not the obvious law situations porn/piracy that are closed daily, the others)?

I would say yes!

My idea is not one to do this for all the web but create governed blocks of web. Being the number on the free one we have today. Then we could get a group formed by a representative from the top X number of big internet players that would lay down rules “their” block. Where only sites that followed that set of rules would be able to be there and if they didn’t they would be kicked out. We could have several of this blocks and they would be like little countries.

With this we could have browsers that only work in a one or two blocks for your kids because you knew the way that blocks acted upon. Or even you could have a full normal browser that you would not allow to acces certain blocks.

My mother, she never updates her Java because she is a afraid to it the yes button because I told her to be careful when she saw stuff like that. The sites that show pop ups, pop unders, porn ads, fake info, blocking overlays unless you like their Facebook page and all them things that happen today could be voted up and on some blocks would be ok to have this or that and not ok to have the others.

But still, we can never stop to have the free open web that we have today. Even if this blocks existed, we still would need for the free web to be allowed to exist, so things like bitcoin happen and all that the human mind is capable of cannot be ever limited by a “block”, law or government. First of all we are doers and unless we harm others, we should be allowed to do and act whatever way it will make us happy.

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