Why Instagram is worth 1 Billion dollars

There are plenty of reason that “suits” and other “experts” that will tell you why all the mambo jambo of why Instagram is worth 1 Billion: they got tons of committed users, great interface, it allows you to share what you post on other networks, and so on.

I confess I am not an Instagram user, not an active one at least. But last night I upload half a dozen of photos I took lately and one I manage to crop and “Insta-fix” to my liking and made one sentence pop in my mind that I felt proud and that name the “Insta-pic” after.

Today, I woke up and had on my phone a like from someone I really respect that clicked like on that photo on Instagram and that made emotional changed the way I woke up feeling and you cannot buy that.

This is why this apps, sites and tech gadgets are worth all the money they get because they change our lives, they have impact (even at times negative) but we can feel emotions on a tech app. Give me an app that causes a user the emotion I got today and I show you a winner.

So young and already chasing the impossible...
So young and already chasing the impossible…

Note: The picture is not amazing (it only got that one like) but I love the sentence and it would never exist if it wasn’t for Instagram

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