How come Microsoft did not think of a desktop app store

mac app storeAfter watching the latest Apple keynote one thing got stuck in my mind:

How come Microsoft did not think of a desktop app store?!

For many years linux offers a kind of app store but it was never properly implemented and/or commercially explored. But on the latest Ubuntu version they launch something called “Get Software” that is exactly that.

Once again Microsoft dismissed the enormous success of the Apple App Store for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and did not think about adapting (call it “stealing”, if you wish! it would not be the first time) that concept and using it for Windows.

The people at Cupertino (read:Apple team) did the opposite and are launching the Mac App Store.

I think the thing that bugged me most about this is that I also did not think about it. How come such a great opportunity got away from every startup and tech company out there?

This would be a great project for a startup. I wish I had the vision for this a couple of years ago. Now… It’s to late.

Coincidence or not, today Microsoft announced that will be launching a Marketplace for PC Games and I am sure soon Microsoft or somebody else will create something similar to the Mac App Store for Windows.

I will finish by making mine the words of Nicholas Deleon on a CrunchGear post about the Mac App Store:

“to expect that the Mac App Store won’t be anything other than a smashing success is pure folly”

BTW: Love the new MacBook Air. After watching the keynote all I wanted was to go and get one. (I dont know how Steve Jobs does it but it gets me feeling like that on every keynote event)

Disclosure: I never owned any Apple product. But I think I will stop resisting and cause that to change sometime soon.

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