Google “Search Plus” calls Facebook to the search game

Doing this to my above fold results for Michael Arrington:

Google Search Results for Michael Arrington

is absolutely ridiculous.

The most interesting result for Michael Arrington for me right now is uncrunched that you can find deep down:

Google Search Result uncrunched deep down

If this is what Search Plus is about, I pass.

There is a lot I agree with what Danny Sulivan points out but my main issue is having Google SERPs all cluttered with junk (ads and Google+ ‘suggestions’).

If it wasn’t enough to have to put up with this:

Google Search Results full of ads

Now we combine that with Google+ and we get this:

music Google Search

This will push results from all content providers down and provide users with a confusing interface. I am not talking about rankings, we all know Google is the best at ranking stuff, I am talking about the interface, the simplicity. That’s why we all got so addicted to it. My mom got it, first time.

Now, I get the obsession with Social. Future rankings will be Social. It’s obvious, but content providers don’t want our Google + Posts to rank. We want our pages to rank. That’s how we make a living. Google has a monopoly and it’s all fine as long as they play nice. Abusing that is calling competitors to step up. Best candidate: Facebook.

Why Facebook and not Bing. Because Microsoft is awful at Social. They had the best Social Network (MSN Messenger – Portuguese Post) a few years ago and never knew what to do with it. Any future search engine will need a great Social Network behind or something new someone will create that uses people to rank stuff.

The way things are heading, I wouldn’t be surprised if Facebook would come up with some better interface than Google is actually moving towards.

I think that Google is playing with fire. If content providers stop getting the amount of traffic they get from Google they will start looking elsewhere, blocking content from being crawled, promoting other alternatives and start the REVOLUTION.

One thought on “Google “Search Plus” calls Facebook to the search game

  1. concordo. está cada vez mais difícil encontrar o que procuro no google…primeiro precios de uma catana para me livrar das pubs nâo solicitadas e muita completamente off-topic, depois tenho vasculhar para além dos top results patrocinados.
    torna-se mais fácil encontrar o que se prcura na wikipedia.
    quanto ao bing:
    o dimitri tem toda a razão e, apesar dos intentos da repórter, confirmou com aquela expressão facial de que não é straight.
    in addendum: automatic translation on facebook provided by Bing – PRICELESS LAUGHTER!!!

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