Big internet companies are all pussies

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Startups need to go all in and bet their companies to be able to start their business. They have no idea if it will work but in order to be successful they need to put all their efforts into what they are doing and go all in with their gut.

If they get successful they will go public, start measuring risks and never again bet their company. While this may be wise and safe, this will never lead them into the next big thing. They will never get the rush of having to do it right. Never get to put all their resources into one thing. Ultimately they will never takes us one big step forward. It’s like we are moving baby steps.

On my last post I ranted about Google Search Plus but what Larry Page is doing is betting a lot into this move. He is not going all in and betting his company because no one will call and even if they did he is the player with the biggest stack on the table, so he would never lose it all.

Even if I complain about the move and generally I don’t like what this brings to Google Search Results. I like the move. It shakes things. I only complain when I love a product. And I love Google… Honestly do. I may not agree with them many, many times. But I like what they bring to the table. Even if they turn out to be evil. They already gave the world so much innovation that it would be a positive score in the end.

I double dare any other big tech industry to risk at least that much. Go against Google. Facebook start a Search Engine and force your users to use it. Microsoft start a Social Network and make it a default real time dynamic background on all windows. Yahoo go all in against You Tube and bring us internet TV. We all see you can make stable money and at times lose a bit. But we need to be amazed. We need the WOW. We need YOU to take the human race forward.

Why there is no real competition to Apple or Google? Who is willing to do a phone with only one button? Who is willing to force users to use their products? Who is willing to make the next big thing and fail? Who is willing to risk it all?

You guys monopolize all the best tallent and resources. The best engineers, the best teams, the biggest amount of money from investors. Don’t put it to waste doing trivial products. Give us things we don’t know that could exist. Give us our hidden dreams. Give us the feeling of being happy that a product exists…

2 thoughts on “Big internet companies are all pussies

  1. Give us our hidden dreams…for a fair price and without a catch!
    Hugo has been a modern poet since ever…he was just afraid of shining crazy.
    Now, he is on the run and blazing like Captain Caos on Cannonball.

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